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an all-in-one detector for B2B and private areas that finally detects dangers early on (fire and carbon monoxide) and can do much more –


no more annoying false alarms

intelligent  •  efficient  •  safe

iNOSE fire detection

Previous fire detectors function most frequently on the basis of optical smoke detectors. These only detect smoke and cannot detect toxic carbon monoxide (CO) or the equally toxic carbon dioxide (CO2). They offer no protection against these lethal gases. The smoke detectors often react too late to fires. The number of carbon monoxide poisonings in Germany is 4 per day and more than one death (400-600 deaths per year) in residential fires.


Carbon monoxide attaches itself to the red blood cells 300 times better than oxygen when inhaled. In the event of fire, this leads to a situation in which important organs are no longer supplied with oxygen and one suffocates. 3 short breaths are enough to lose consciousness, 7 to not wake up ever again.

iNose represents a new and efficient solution in the field of fire detection. Its insensitivity to external influences (e.g. water vapour, dust, insects, etc.) makes it very different from the smoke detectors that have been dominant on the market to date.

The decisive know-how lies in the intelligent and complex early fire detection, whereby fires can be detected already in the initial phase (smouldering fires) and warn of toxic gases in good time.

False alarms are avoided by this new technology.

iNOSE extinguishing system

iNose is not only able to detect fires at an early stage. The detector can also control extinguishing nozzles directly and thus actively fight fires in the beginning. The extinguishing therefore already takes place in the initial phase of fires. The biggest advantage is that the system stops extinguishing when the fire is extinguished. Therefore, only very little water is needed.


The Blue Sensors extinguishing nozzles allow most fires to be reliably extinguished with 6-8l water. In this way, water collateral damage is avoided. According to insurance statements, the damage caused by the discharge of extinguishing water is considerably higher than the fire damage.

As an example, conventional sprinkler nozzles extinguish at 80-240l/minute until the fire brigade manually shuts off the water supply.

iNOSE air quality and climate control

The indoor climate plays an increasingly important role. For many years, energy optimization has made the structural envelopes ever tighter, preventing natural air exchange. The result was bad air with high CO2 values and increased mold growth.


In addition, stuffy air paralyses the ability to think (State University New York U.S. Department of Energy). Elevated Indoor Carbon Dioxide Impairs Decision-Making Performance. 2013). The study of the New York State University proves that decision-making abilities and logical thinking are already limited starting from 1500ppm CO2 concentration in the ambient air.

The main cause of a high indoor CO2 level is humans. CO2 was defined by the Federal Environment Agency as a hygienically justified conductance value.

iNose can measure all air quality parameters of a given area. These include CO2, temperature, humidity and VOC. These parameters can be used to control corresponding external systems.

iNOSE Network and Industry 4.0

The bs-Network is a RS485 based network to merge the data of all detectors into one central unit. AL’s central unit serves a UMTS gateway. All sensors have a unique ID. Multiple gateways are cascadable, so that even a large network can be managed. The programming of the gateway is individual, i.e. the functions implemented in the gateway are individually adaptable. The gateway also takes over the control of external systems such as air conditioning systems, extinguishing systems, etc.

Blue Sensors networks, hardware and software

We’re here for you!

Blue Sensors has many years of experience in this field and is competent in Windows and Unix.

We have been supporting companies, institutions and practices in the medical field for many years and also take care of special software-specific applications (e.g. integration of devices, etc.). We take over comprehensive tasks and act as the link between the providers of special software solutions and the user. This means that the customer has only one point of contact and can rely on fast and smooth implementation.


We have a Microsoft Partner certification.

In addition to normal hardware and software support, sensor data fusion and communication interfaces between hardware and sensor technology are also implemented here. It is an innovative link between application and standard systems.

The main focus is on the following services for many customers from the region:

  • Hard- und Software support
  • Computer networking
  • Cross-location networking
  • Netzwork support LAN, WLAN, WAN
  • Network security, data security
  • Data backup concepts
  • Repairs and Service
  • all questions about computer technology
  • Maintenance contracts and individual advice

Features and functions

  • recognizes every house fire safely and reliably
  • recognizes already smoldering reliably
  • detects toxic fumes (CO) before they threaten life
  • has no false alarms due to cross-sensitivities
  • has a lifespan of 10 years
  • monitors indoor air quality and climate
  • can be networked and is ready for industry 4.0 (IoT)
  • can intelligently control extinguishing systems
  • prevent fire fighting water reliably
  • controls air conditioning systems efficiently
  • can be installed as a single sensor easily
  • can be networked in the building using RS485
  • the data can be visualized via a gateway
  • it can be connected to a fire alarm center
  • further sensors can be integrated
  • needs no batteries and protect the enviroment




Our partner is Senseair in Sweden. We have our product manufactured by Senseair – Made in Germany, produced in Sweden.

The product iNose has been developed since 2012. After years of development, a highly stable and error-free system was achieved with the S8 sensor. iNose has very good properties and can completely replace the previous error-prone smoke detectors. The system is industry 4.0 capable.

A professional partner could be gained with the company Senseair, which could take over both the quality-fair manufacturing according to European standards and has a self-interest in the selling. The cooperation brings a great advantage to both partners. As a result, the product could be transferred to series production in just a few months.

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